ZX-27 Glass Abutment
(Non Surgical Implant)

A unique technique used in prosthetic Dentistry. Glass abutment systems, also known as ZX-27, is a prosthetic construction developed as a result of the cooperation between German and Hungarian technologists.


  • ZX-27 glass abutment system is unique because it eliminates the problem of the missing pillar of your teeth
  • It replaces Surgical Implant
  • It is cost Effective
  • It's highly useful for patients that suffer from diabetes and hyperthyroidism

About ZX-27

Glass pillar or abutment ZX-27 is a progressive technique that was invented by the Hungarian dental technician Laszlo Nemeth.

  • ZX-27 Glass Abutment System is recommended to those who still have their own teeth, and do not want prosthetics or implants. This method allows them to obtain fixed dentures.
  • ZX-27 bio-glass abutment allows for optimal aesthetic and functional results with a low-cost technique. Execution time in the dental laboratory is much shorter than that required for implants.

Why ZX-27?

  • Easy maintenance of the cleanliness of the oral cavity
  • Natural look
  • Comfort because you will enjoy your meals again
  • Elimination of gastric problems arising from insufficient digestion of meals in the oral cavity
  • Reliability of the fixed cemented prosthesis, the fears about it falling out, getting lost or broken will disappear
  • Low cost
  • It was clinically tested to ensure its biocompatibility with the human body
  • Durability if all the instructions and principles are observed
  • It is certified by dental technicians for its high quality in design.