Face Lift Dentistry

Your smile is a curve that sets your face straight!

  • Why do some people who are the same age look younger than others?
  • What causes TMJ problems, facial tension, headaches and neck pain?
  • Why do you snore?
  • Why are your porcelain veneers not helping you look younger?
  • Why are your lips getting thinner and squished?

It's All About the Shape of Your Face!

Anti-Aging Face-lift Dentistry

Face Lift Dentistry
  • The treatment is quick and easy, it also does not require surgery, Botox, or fillers!
  • This treatment idealizes your bite and jaw positions for both cosmetic and health benefits that reverse years of unnecessary aging.
  • Natural aging and tooth wear are normal processes that can lead to a shortened and a more rounded face, resulting in wrinkles and thin compressed lips that can make you look older than you actually are.
  • Basically, as your teeth wear and shorten through daily usage, the distance between the tip of your nose and the bottom of your chin gets smaller.
  • This type of tooth wear and grinding throughout the first forty or fifty years of your life can leave you looking older than you are with premature wrinkles.

The non-Surgical Dental Face-lift is a non-invasive dental treatment that can minimize wrinkles and the sagging skin below your jaw line or your chin, the treatment creates fuller lips simply by correcting your bite alignment and allowing your jaw to move to a more comfortable position.

  • The treatment idealizes facial characteristic to naturally improve your smile, profile, facial shape, jaw line, and overall health.
  • Thin lips can appear fuller without artificial fillers because the teeth support the lips.
  • Non-surgical Dental Face Lift reverses these effects.
  • Restoring a more youthful appearance without the need for painful cosmetic surgery or short-term cosmetic Fillers, and Botox.
  • The results are long term and they can take 10-15 years of aging off of your face.

Anti-Aging Benefits to The Overbite Correction

  • Deep overbites create short rounded faces.
  • While the overbite correction creates a better proportioned face.
  • Your chin position will improve, which will create a tighter face.
  • You will be able to observe your inner beauty through your face.
  • You can go to a cosmetic dentist and get porcelain veneers but that will not make a difference in the shape of your face.
  • Your smile will definitely improve but the key to looking younger is guaranteed with the bite correction and the Face-Lift Dentistry.
  • Your teeth get shorter due to daily usage throughout the years, this will cause your face to have a round shape.
  • As your face gets shorter you will look older, this process can start as early as in your mid-thirties.
  • Early treatment improves your health and prevents premature aging. You now have a stunning smile with a youthful appearance that resonates with your personality.