Dental Ozone Therapy

No Needles, No Drilling, No Pain

  • Ozone is a strong disinfecting agent that has the power to kill 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Tooth decay is caused by the invasion of bacteria, which produce acids that over time destroy the tooth's structure.
  • It treats and prevents the development of dental caries especially if periodic checkup starts at an early age
    (as early as one year of age).
  • Ozone is especially recommended for children because it gives a PAIN FREE experience; No Injection or Drilling will be needed.

Tooth Decay (Caries) Treatment

Dental Ozone therapy is simple and painless

  • The doctor starts with cleaning the surface of the tooth
  • The caries are spotted by a special dental laser device
  • If the damage is within certain limits, then there is an opportunity for ozone treatment
  • The doctor will continue by subjecting the carious area to the ozone gas for 20-50 seconds using a special hand-held device
  • Followed by applying demineralization liquid to the treated tooth
  • The caries will be ARRESTED
  • Recall in three months is mandatory

Mouth Ulcers Treatment

  • Mouth ulcers are small painful sores that appear on the tongue or the lips and cheeks. They can range from small sizes (minors) to large lesions up to 10 mm. across (majors). They either emerge singly or in clusters
  • There isn't a one specific cause of the ulcers, however traumas such as cheek bitings and orthodontic braces can play major roles in that. Another reason that people don't consider is being tired and exhausted.

Patient diary:

Day 1 : The Ozone gas is applied for 40 secs. "Pain is subsided immediately"

Day 2 : The ulcer is still present but there is no pain or discomfort anymore

Day 3 : The ulcer is less visible.

Day 4 : The ulcer is barely visible and the pain is completely gone.